“Years in media industry, I think finding a professional public relation’s company who understand what your media needs is important. I’ve worked with Portfolio Indonesia for over a number of years. They always have something interesting to offer, great communication, and very informative. Their range of clients is amazing.”

Filisya Thunggawan / Editor in Chief / Cosmopolitan Indonesia

“Working as a journalist since 2004, I’ve communicated with lots of PR people from many companies and agencies across different sectors. I consider Portfolio Indonesia to be very professional; their press releases are well-presented and their way of communicating is non-intrusive.”

Keshie Hernitaningtyas / Former Editor / Thejakartapost.com

“In the midst of today’s information modernism, news about travel, tourism and leisure remains an oasis for readers. Lifestyle segments packaged in valuable contents becomes a necessity and must be met, not only as basic information that will be passed over. Years of working together with Portfolio Indonesia, we get not only information, but also the essence of the news resulting rich content and interesting treats for our readers. Public Relations industry has been adapted in its business strategy and Portfolio Indonesia has been very successful in following these changes so that our collaboration continues to this day.”

Prastia Putra Tjokroadisoerjo / Managing Editor / Casa Indonesia

“As Managing Editor, I conduct all information that passed ELLE’s requirements for my Editors to write as contents. Recognizing my function in the system with massive amount of information I receive each day, every data given by Portfolio Indonesia never been a disturbance. They provide information in such professionally organized yet casual form, made it easier for sore eyes to see; solid wordings & pictures quality, competent and crystal-clear material. They maintain relationship in fun, personal manner that leaves clients as friends, which made them effortless to work with. Working with Portfolio Indonesia team always been fun and easy in order to achieve qualified data effectively”

Santi Zulbachri / Managing Editor / ELLE Indonesia